Textures are one of my absolute favorite things to photograph….part of this comes from being an extreme sensory addict. I live to feel, hear, see, taste, etc…but if i had to choose one sensory pleasure out of all of them to be my ultimate, it would probably be touching….i have never been able to keep my hands to myself….even as a child my mother always had to tell me off for touching everything at the store….this is not something that I grew out of, and I still touch everything in the store… Although I will purchase books, movies and music online, I won’t buy anything else, because i can’t touch it first….Or at the very least, I will go to a store and touch it to see if i like the way it feels, and then go shop for it online 😉 So anyways, because of this addiction to touching things, textures fascinate me, and if i could just document all the textures in the world, I sure would! perhaps I should try!  This one was taken on my phone via Instagram…not the same high quality optics as the camera, but Instagram is such a fun way of capturing textures!

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Into the depths I go.....as a photographer and an artist, i feel that it is my job to get to know my subjects to the core...it is only then that I can bring out their soul....