valley mist

last week we were driving over the high level bridge, which crosses the gorge….it had been hot here in Akron for weeks, and we had a really good rain just a bit prior to us driving, and there was a fantastic mist rising up from the valley below, so we had to go park the car and walk out onto the bridge to snap some photos. This is looking west from the bridge. you can see off in the distance, slightly on the center-right side of the image, a large dirt patch….it is just above this patch that you can find the observation deck where I took the photo of the cuyahoga river a couple of posts back.  Anyways, the air was super heavy and you could actually feel the mist pass over you as it crossed the bridge and carried on along the river…but it sure was an amazing site to behold. I only wish that i would have brought a wide-angle lens with me so that i could have captured the entire valley!

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