I had the opportunity this past week to photograph an amazing couple, celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. Kate and Jay were both full of energy and such fun to photograph!  The energy shared between them was reminiscent of newly-weds!  They chose to celebrate with a wonderful party full of family and friends. I arrived early to get some formal shots before the party started…and mother nature decided to put a slight damper on things…it rained most of the afternoon, and as I arrived, i was starting to think that we might not be able to get the formal shots that we had wanted, everything was wet, the sky was heavy and dark and there really wasn’t a lot of natural light left….Lucky for us, the rain stopped and the clouds parted just enough to let a golden glow fall across part of  the lawn. So we did manage to get some formal photos outside afterall!

I will have more photos of the night on the Studio Soleil facebook page, so come on over 🙂