blue moon number 2

We have been privileged this august to have 2 blue moons… this should have been a great year for all those “once in a blue moon” opportunities! The moon was beautiful last night, even if the sky was trying it’s best to spoil the grand view! It was very hazy and we all know that the moon doesn’t stay on the horizon for very long….of course as it moves upwards in the sky it gets smaller and smaller….or at least that is how our eyes (and most definitely our cameras) perceive it. So I was very glad that despite living in the middle of the city and having both trees and other houses blocking my view, I was able to climb up on the banister rails of my back porch and catch a few decent shots of the moon while it was still large and colorful in the sky. Not even 10 minutes after I took this photo, the moon had lost it’s orange glow and turned a very beautiful silvery color, but it had shrunk to less than half it’s size, and was mostly obscured by clouds and haze…..

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