Photography is one of my many passions…..I am always taking photos of something…anything….flowers, landscapes, rusty nails, peeling paint, decaying ply-wood…..there is really nothing that I won’t snap a photo of if it happens to catch my eye.

I named my business studio Studio Soleil because I am a natural light photographer. I prefer to not use flashes and artificial lighting if I don’t have to…I have no official “studio” space….the world is my studio!  If you hire me to do your portraits, I prefer to do them outdoors, in front of large windows or even in low light conditions……sometimes I will use a fill flash if the conditions really require it, but I love to photograph people naturally…so if you are looking for a glam photographer, you probably ought to look elsewhere (Check out Sean’s gallery!). If you are looking for a photographer who can and will bring out the best in YOU…as you are, then you have definitely come to the right place!

But even more than photographing people, I love to photograph the small forgotten details in the world around us that most of the time gets overlooked or under appreciated…I believe that everything around us has a soul of it’s own…especially organic matter….and things made from organic materials….it is my goal to find that soul and bring it out in the things that I photograph.

But I also have a whimsical side too…and this is where my surreal art comes in.  As a child I adored Salvador Dali and René Magritte.  I was fascinated by the dream worlds that they created, and I have always been quite the dreamer myself so found their magical landscapes to be a home away from home. I think that I preferred to spend far more time with my head in the clouds than  I did with my feet on the ground….and it is out of this that my “fish out of water” series was born.

I hope that you will enjoy your visit here, and check back often! You never know what might be lurking in the halls of Studio Soleil!

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