Welcome to Studio Soleil Photography & Fine Art.

Studio Soleil is a photography and video production company based out of Rockland, Maine and consists of a husband and wife team of experienced photographers, Sean & Tracy Sheppard.  It was founded in the 1990’s by Tracy to showcase her artwork and photography but slowly grew into something more.  In 2009 Sean joined the studio and a partnership was born.

Sean and Tracy both have very different styles and visions that work together to complete a full package.  They are both passionate about their vision and dedicated to bringing out your best!  As Tracy says, “We are sometimes like yin and yang, two intertwined halves that make one complete experience”.

Sean’s technical know-how, combined with his creativity , gets that perfect studio look anywhere.  He is fantastic at catching you in just the right moment, capturing that brief second you expose your true self.   His technical skill really gives it that wow factor. 

Tracy, on the other hand, finds ways of capturing the feelings and emotions of the moment.  She catches those details most often overlooked, letting you view them in a new light.  She is focused on color, texture, atmosphere, and the innermost soul of her subjects bringing together the entire experience in one photograph.   

Together they are able to give you memories that last a lifetime, not just a set of photographs. They will capture moments that you were not even aware of!

Photographer Bios:

Tracy Sheppard|Sean Sheppard

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