Went to the Akron Zoo today in hopes of getting some good photos of the baby snow leopards. It was drizzly and rainy, and in the end, I wasn’t very happy with my snow leopard photos, but I sure loved the way that this jellyfish came out! I have been photographing jellyfish for quite a few years now, as they really fascinate me the way that they move so gracefully through the water without a care in the world, and I probably have about 300 jellyfish photos, yet I still photograph them every chance that I get, and this is why!

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Into the depths I a photographer and an artist, i feel that it is my job to get to know my subjects to the is only then that I can bring out their soul....


  1. August 27, 2012

    That is a terrific shot, Tracy! We visited the zoo last week with hopes of watching the baby snow leopards. It was so crowded!

    • August 27, 2012

      Thanks, Adrienne! We had gone to the zoo last Sunday too, and it was just so crowded that we didn’t even attempt to see them…i figured now that most kids are back in school and the fact that it wasn’t very nice out today would have been the perfect chance, and I did indeed get to watch them for a while, but they were super active and running and jumping all over…and even though the zoo itself was not very crowded, there was a family of about 10 that kept following right along with us everywhere that we went and i didn’t end up getting the shots that i wanted….but luckily i have a pass 🙂 so i WILL get the shot eventually! They are darling though!!!!

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