Had a wonderful senior portrait session with Anya. Anya is such a fun girl. She always has a wonderful smile for those around her, and it was a great pleasure and a privilege  having the opportunity to photograph her! Anya attends an Early College program which means that she is taking both taking high school classes and attending university at the same time.  She is not only an excellent student, but she also works after school and does volunteer work and is a member of the yearbook staff as well as a member of student council and a involved in the national honor society!  Anya wasn’t really sure where she wanted to have her photos taken, and because she spends so much time thinking of her friends, she really wasn’t even sure what she was looking for in her senior photos, so we decided to just play it by ear and find some fun spots around town and in the metroparks.  Here are some of my favorites from the shoot!

And here are a couple of Anya just having fun!

Studio Soleil would like to wish Anya all the best in her senior year and best wishes as she moves forward at the university!

Tracy Sheppard

Into the depths I a photographer and an artist, i feel that it is my job to get to know my subjects to the is only then that I can bring out their soul....
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