The Schooner Stephen Taber

The Schooner Stephen Taber

In early fall, my husband and I were fortunate enough to be able to take our first “real” vacation together and we took it sailing for 6 days along the coast of Maine on the historic Schooner Stephen Taber.

Schooner Stephen Taber

We had the time of our lives! We sailed beautiful shores, saw nature, wildlife, and sunsets that were amazing!




The food was excellent, with much of it being farm to table (or boat to fire, in the case of the lobsters!!)


The Hungry Lobster

We not only had the time of our lives, but made great new friends too. If there is one trip that I would recommend for your bucket list, this would be it!


Schooner Stephen Taber


Do it sooner rather than later though, because once you’ve done it, it is in your blood and you will want to go back again and again!

Plain Jane

fishing shack


Sail Away

For More Information about the Schooner Stephen Taber, please visit their Website.

Tracy Sheppard

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